Our school is the only comprehensive national university in the central region with abundant faculty, manpower, space and other resources. In order to shoulder the responsibility of regional teaching and research and meet the needs of the future development of the communications industry in the central region, our institute was established in 1995. It complements the various professional fields developed by the Department of Electrical Engineering of our school. The field of communication covers important areas such as communication systems, networks, and signal processing. Based on the existing foundation of the original Electrical Machinery Department, our institute focuses on developing the field of communication and is compatible with other fields of electrical machinery to support each other. Currently, our institute has 5 full-time teachers specializing in communications, and jointly hires 3 teachers specializing in signal processing and 4 teachers specializing in computer networks with the Department of Electrical Engineering, for a total of 12 teachers. There are 15 graduate students enrolled in each session, and the number will increase year by year.